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  • Strategic Alignment
  • Workforce Management Assessments
  • People Management 
  • Customer Experience Management
  • Full Operational Assessments
  • Technology Utilization and Road maps


Today’s digitally-savvy consumers are increasingly sophisticated. They demand exceptional service when and how they want it.  This requires call center operations to offer their services, products and support through a variety of different channels.  Whether your customers are reaching out to you by phone, web, mobile, email, chat, video or social media, they expect you to have the information they need, and they want you to give it to them quickly and accurately so they don’t have to contact you again for the same thing.

Quality Service Solutions is a contact center consulting firm that specializes in helping call center management teams of all sizes develop their customer access strategy, customer experience strategy, recruiting & hiring programs, training & development plans, performance management processes, contact center technology road maps, and workforce management solutions to ensure that their contact centers are operating as efficiently as possible while delivering exceptional customer experiences.  Our team of contact center professionals has the expertise to provide cost-effective and actionable solutions to improve contact center performance, increase revenue, improve customer satisfaction, increase employee satisfaction and realize a return on investment.  Some of our more common projects include:

Strategic Alignment


We help ensure you are offering targeted and relevant products, services and solutions to your customers by helping you align strategically based on enterprise goals and customer requirements.

  • Alignment of operational goals with enterprise strategy and goals
  • Improved cross-functional communication between contact center and other departments across the enterprise
  • Organizational alignment that supports contact center goals and objectives

Workforce Management


We offer hands-on support, training and consultation for optimizing or implementing best-in-class workforce management programs:

  • Design and implementation of best in class Workforce Management programs including, forecasting, staff planning, scheduling, real-time management and system configuration
  • Workforce Management optimization to improve agent utilization, schedule efficiency and forecast accuracy and planning processes
  • Custom training for existing workforce management staff on your system for your business

People Management


We help you design programs that focus on developing leaders capable of communicating performance objectives, identifying performance gaps, analyzing the root cause of performance opportunities, and developing coaching plans that improve performance. 

  • Implement effective recruiting and hiring strategies
  • Design training & on-going development strategies to improve employee engagement and retention.
  • Create performance management programs for planning, monitoring, developing, rating and reward employee performance

Customer Experience Management



We help our clients understand their customers’ requirements, preferences and aspirations for service, through the structured collection and analysis of customer data.

  • Design and implement voice of the customer programs
  • Programs for measuring customer engagement and loyalty
  • Implementation or optimization of best in class quality management programs for all channels

Operational Assessments



We take a holistic look at your entire contact center organization that focuses on refining and streamlining.  Typical areas of focus include:

  • Strategy: Strategic alignment, customer access strategies, customer experience strategy
  • People: Recruiting & hiring, training & development, performance management, employee engagement
  • Operational Processes: workforce management, quality management, knowledge management, process improvement and more
  • Technology: Communications platform, interactive voice response, self-service, customer relationship management, knowledge management and more

Technology Utilization


We understand the operational benefits attainable through contact center technologies and have the expertise to guide you through the process whether it is:

  • Maximizing existing contact center technology
  • Acquiring and implementing new tools
  • Assisting in upgrading existing tools

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